Who can stay at the hospitality house?
Patients and family members of patients being treated at Billings medical facilities. We welcome persons of all faiths.

Do guests need a reservation?
We do not accept reservations, but please call ahead of your trip to Billings to contact the House Manager. A referral is necessary to stay in the house. If rooms are not currently available, you will be placed on a waiting list.

How do I receive a referral?
We operate on a first come, first serve basis. Guests can receive a referral from a physician, pastor or other health care professional.

How long can I stay at the hospitality house?
Each guest will be reviewed by the House Manager every seven days and extensions may be granted depending on room demand.

Guest Policies

Here is a brief summary of our guest policies:

• Guests must respect the property, safety, and cleanliness of their rooms and public areas of the home at all times.
• No tobacco in the house or on the property as we are a tobacco-free facility.
• Alcohol, intoxication or illegal drugs are not allowed.
• Pets are not permitted on the property.
• Guests should not present a health, safety or behavioral risk to other guests.
• All children under 14 years of age must be under direct adult supervision at all times.

Room Layout & Guest Fees

Room Number Number of beds per room Rate
1 1 full bed $30/night
2 & 5 2 twin beds $30/night
3 1 queen bed + private bath $40/night
4 1 full bed + 2 twin beds $35/night