Connecting People to Christ

So they may discover their own calling as disciples.


Improving and sustaining the heart of the UNL campus

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Our Faith

We serve nearly 700 students from a variety of faith backgrounds each year. We understand that for many, this academic season is both challenging and developmental, and our goal is to come alongside to assist and affirm students in their journey.

Our Concern

Our current building has long outlived its usefulness. After 60+ years of constant use we’ve identified major roof leaks, ceiling disintegration, irreparable termite damage as well as a need to update our antiquated and inefficient facilities. 

Our Mission

Our desire is to fully utilize the space we have on UNL’s campus in a way that serves our community. We truly think that building a new facility will allow us to maintain our history and provide exceedingly more ministry opportunities to the student population.

The Question of Wholeness


By Travis Kahl What will the resurrection be like? After Christ comes again and redeems the world, when every tear is wiped away and…

Wood & Wine Registration


Register now for a virtual afternoon campus ministry celebration! We hope you will join us for our fall’s Wood and Wine Event! On Sunday…

The Unexpected


By Hannah Molskness “Expect the unexpected” is the motto for my favorite TV show: Big Brother. While this is a really great motto to…

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The One Who Sees Us


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Muddy-ing up Our Vision


A reading from Mark:  [The Disciples] came to Bethsaida. Some people brought a blind man to [Jesus] and begged him to touch him. He took…

The Next Faithful Move


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