Monica Holle (Sorensen) is a 2012 alumna of the Lutheran Center who currently serves on the Governance Council. As we find every year, there are students looking for a place to worship away from home. As a freshman, Monica was looking for just that, and the Lutheran Center happened to be close to her dorm.

Monica knew two pastors during her time at the Center. They both hold positive images in her mind: Pastor Eric Bostrom was joyful and musical. She recalls him zooming out of the driveway, heading onto 16th street on his scooter. Pastor Eric brought “kindness and happiness to everything.” Pastor Adam also zoomed out of the driveway, but he was on a motorcycle. He had a zeal for working through challenging ideas. For Monica, the Lutheran Center was a place for students to have deep conversations about the Bible and faith. It was a place for friendship.

It was the friendships and activities that kept Monica coming back to the Lutheran Center. It is also where she met her husband. Nick was President of Beta Sigma Psi, the Lutheran Fraternity on campus so they both were connected to the community. And, when they married in August of 2015, Pastor Adam officiated. The wedding was the weekend before UNL started classes, so in a hurry, the wedding party zoomed down 16th Street, and they delivered Pastor Adam to the front lawn of the Center where the staff was hosting the annual Welcome Back BBQ. It was quite a sight of joy and celebration for the prospective freshmen.

Since graduation, Monica and Nick have made their home in Omaha where Monica works as a Credit Analyst Manager for US Bank. She manages a financial spreading team. Her day is filled with reviewing her team’s work and answering questions. She also enjoys connecting with other women in leadership and learning about her strengths.

And, when Monica has free time, she enjoys working on their “little, old Tudor home”. A kitchen remodel is planned at some point, and that’s enough for now to keep her busy.

Monica is from the first group of students with whom Pastor Adam and served and worked. This group will always hold a special place in our hearts; this group had a wonderful, unique sense of leadership responsibility for the LC, and at the same time, an openness to a new pastor stepping in to lead together. And, it is quite an honor to have Monica back in a leadership capacity on the Governance Council.

Bucket List:

  • Oktoberfest in Germany
  • Full kitchen remodel – Monica & Nick are huge Husker fans, but there is raised red tile everywhere that has seen better days. This isn’t like jumping out of plane, but for a finance-minded person, a self-proclaimed “finance nerd,” a kitchen remodel is daring enough!

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