By Maysyn Sorensen

Since getting to college, I have been asked numerous times where I see God present in my life. I usually think really hard about this question, trying to come up with a meaningful response in a natural and non-forced way. I usually am worried that my answer won’t be enough or that the times I feel God’s presence won’t be sufficient. 

Throughout my faith journey, I have recently learned that I feel the most connected to God through fellowship and people. I believe that I connect with God on a deep level through other people because we are all God’s creation. I have such a deep appreciation for the people God has placed in my life and I am reminded of how great God is when I am surrounded by them. 

Recently, some of my peers and I attended an event called Pillar of Fire over a weekend. Pillar of Fire is The Lutheran Center’s annual statewide hangout/competitive event for campus ministry students. Although Pillar of Fire was a great opportunity to get away from classes and homework, I felt God’s presence a lot over the weekend. I was able to connect with people who shared my faith and strengthen my relationship with Christ through them. 

Not only did this event allow me to connect with my faith with like-minded people, but I was also allowed to take a step back from the busyness of life and appreciate God’s creation. When we were at Pillar of Fire, it was easy to forget about an upcoming exam or challenging physics problem and actively seek God’s presence. When we place ourselves in situations that allow us to actively seek God, whether it’s over a weekend, or simply within five minutes of our busy days, we are allowed to strengthen our connection to our faith. 

One thing I have realized about faith since coming to college is that faith is very different for each individual person. If you look at Sunday services, it is easy to spot the differences based on music choice from church to church; the same concept can be applied to the ways people connect with God. Although I connect with my faith through other people and thrive in environments like Pillar of Fire, it’s not the only right way. 

So the next time you get asked where you see God within your life, don’t overthink it. God is present in our lives in large ways as well as in small ways. These small encounters with God are sometimes more impactful than you think. 

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