By Dylan Spilinek

Change. Everyone goes through changes in some way or another throughout their entire lives. Shifts in locations, jobs, or relationships can bring out a wide array of emotions.

Many people see change and become worried, anxious, and afraid of what will come, especially if it leaves the future uncertain and the path forward obscured. Moving away from what you once knew can be hard, no matter how small or how large.

But new opportunities can also open so many doors. Each change can help you grow more and more prepared for the next change to come.

Nowhere else will you see as much change as on a college campus, especially for incoming freshmen: new places, new friends, new memories — and probably a few different majors. Change never ends in college.

I found the change to college life exciting and terrifying at the same time. Coming from a small Nebraska town to Lincoln, the possibilities were all around me, and that, at times, seemed daunting. But those intimidating possibilities brought me to the Lutheran Center, a place where I encountered unexpected blessings. This loving community has brought so many people into my life, created new memories, and altered the course of my life forever.

And now I think of this upcoming year, how the Lutheran Center will no longer be just the building we have come to know as our home (for some, literally a home). This change will bring challenges and uncertainty, but I am so much more excited for what it can bring. Not only does it give us a chance to grow our already strong friendships in ways outside of the building, but it also allows us to open ourselves to those people and places around us, a chance to try things we may not have done before.

See there’s a quote from a movie I very much enjoy, and I believe that if you substitute the Lutheran Center in, it’s meaning still rings true. The Lutheran Center is not a place; it’s a people. This year will come to show that even more, and I am excited for that change.

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