by Vicar Allison Johnson

It’s crazy to think that the semester is almost over, which means my formal internship is coming to an end.  As I think about the past year at the Lutheran Center, one word comes to mind—grateful.  I am so grateful for this experience and the people at the Lutheran Center.  We have done so much together as a community the past two semesters; I really cannot believe it.  We had the Welcome Back BBQ, opening worship, flag football, All Hallow’s Eve worship, Apocalyptic Advent, Lent, Spring Break, a Cajun boil, and so much more.  Through all of this I’ve been able to check off all of the necessary boxes, so everyone knows I had a full internship experience.

But it hasn’t just been about the logistics or the “to do” list; it’s mostly been about the people and the way in which they’ve all been a critical part of my formation as a future pastor in the church.  This community—students, Pastor Adam, Amanda, all of our partners—has been vital to who I now am as a pastoral candidate.  I can say with full confidence that I have been equipped by the Lutheran Center to better share the story of Christ crucified and risen.  I am no longer the hesitant, new intern that feels awkward in this foreign place.  Now, the Lutheran Center is another home, and the people are a new set of family.  They’ve taught me what it means to embody the Gospel by loving and serving my neighbor.  The community has taken me in, challenged me, encouraged me, and loved me in a way I never thought was imaginable, and I am deeply grateful for it all.  I’m ready to be a pastor because of my time with the people at the Center.

I am a better leader, individual, co-worker, and friend, and I am fortunate that I am able to continually be shaped by this place for another year.  Yep, you read that correctly.  Gettysburg Seminary had an odd year this year.  Our internship pool was small with a handful of geographical and synodical restrictions, so after discernment with the Center, my synod, and the seminary, we all thought it would be great if I stayed at the Lutheran Center another year as I finished my senior year of seminary.  I am extremely excited to continue to minister and grow in this place.  I can’t wait to see how else the Lutheran Center, Lincoln, and the Nebraska Synod are going to shape me as a pastoral candidate.  I really love this place and these people; we have a great year ahead of us together.  So, Go Big Red! (And, Go Pack Go).

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