Hello fellow students, staff, and friends of the Lutheran Center. My name is Dominic Ferraro and I wanted to extend a warm welcome to you all as we kick off the fall semester.

First a little bit more about me, I am a sophomore meteorology major with minors in mathematics and broadcasting, as well as a resident in The Lutheran Center’s Upper Room. I was introduced to The Lutheran Center by the pastor from my home church, and it didn’t take long for me to spend a majority of my time between classes at the LC. This space has felt like home ever since I set foot in the door, and continues to be a profound part of my college experience.

As for the things I am excited about, I am both excited and nervous to see how The Lutheran Center endures this time of transition. I feel like we have a very strong set of staff and student leaders that will ensure this community continues to see success. The changes around The Lutheran Center have truly pushed us students to step up as leaders of this community, which has increased the gratitude we share for this space.

I hope every student around the community takes our theme, Imagine, to mind this semester. We are called to shape and nurture this community, and together we must imagine our community as one where everyone is truly welcome. With the various injustices present in our world today, we should hope to create a community that embodies Christian idea of loving your neighbor, no matter who that may be.

As we kick off the school year, I encourage you to continue to spread the word about The Lutheran Center, bring your friends, and be good stewards to the world.

Dominic Ferraro

Connecting people to Christ, so they may discover their own calling as disciples.