Students, if you are planning attend in person, we are requiring that you RSVP here so we can calculate capacity. We will also livestream worship for those who determine it’s best that they remain in their homes. For questions related to this service, please contact us at: or Pastor Adam @ 402-469-3650.

We have decided to worship in-person at St. Mark’s on the Campus on Sunday, August 30. We will use all the recommended safety guidelines (see below). This may be the only in-person worship we get to do this semester so we are making plans now. 

Worship Plan for August 30, 2020

Location: St. Marks on the Sanctuary (unless worship attendance exceeds 50, in which case the service would be moved to the courtyard outside or to another venue). 

Time: 12:30 pm


  1. The worship service will be shortened, ending no later than 1:15 pm. 
  2. All worshipers will wear masks. Free masks will be available for students on a table outside and adjacent to the sanctuary doors. 
  3. Hand sanitizer will also be available at the table. 
  4. Worshipers will maintain social distancing before, during, and following worship, attempting to maintain six-foot separation from all persons with whom they are not roommates/housemates. 
  5. No hymnals or bulletins will be used during the service. Bulletins will be available on to be utilized through worshipers’ personal smartphones or tablets via the wifi at St. Marks. (We will share login info on emails prior to worship and during announcements at the beginning of worship.) 
  6. All sign-ups, etc.for e-News or programming will be completed using phones, tablets, etc. 
  7. No congregational singing is allowed with the exception of cantors who are 20+ feet from other congregational members and are not in the balcony. 
  8. Worshipers will enter St. Mark’s through the red sanctuary doors, beginning at 12:15 pm. (The doors will be held open mechanically throughout the duration of worship.) 
  9. When students enter the sanctuary they may choose to sit in any pew unobstructed by tape–provided that social distancing can be maintained relative to others seated in the pew. (Again, worshipers should only be seated with–that is, within 6 feet–those with whom they are roommates/housemates.)  In entering the seating area they may go down a side or central aisle. If they enter from a side aisle, they will choose a seat which is nearest to the side aisle, not crossing the midpoint of the pew. Likewise, If they enter from a center aisle, they will choose a seat which is nearest to the center aisle, not crossing the midpoint of the pew. 
  10. Offering will be done paperlessly. Reflection questions on generosity/gratitude will be provided verbally. Worshipers will be invited to give via Venmo. 
  11. Communion will be celebrated using pre-filled cups with wafers. Ushers will dismiss rows from left to right (facing the assembly) from back to front. Worshipers will maintain social distancing, coming forward at a pace that allows six-foot separation. Rubber dots or other forms of marking may be used to demonstrate the six-foot distance. The pastor, wearing a surgical glove, will hand each worshiper the pre-filled cups with wafer. The worshiper will then return to their seat entering on the side of their row where they exited (i.e. not crossing the pew). Once seated the worshiper will partake of the elements. (A trash receptacle for the cups will be available adjacent to the table outside.) 
  12. Following the benediction, ushers will dismiss rows from back to front until the building is vacated. 
  13. Worshipers are encouraged to speak with each other following the service while maintaining distance. The courtyard may be used for this, provided that the sanctuary entrance/exit remains unobstructed. The on-campus green space immediately across R Street will be commended as an alternative space. 
  14. Except for the sanctuary and necessary restroom usage, no other part of the St. Marks will be utilized during the service. 
  15. Following the completion of the service, a team from The Lutheran Center will sanitize the sanctuary at St. Mark’s according to St. Mark’s standard practice. 
  16. Worshipers will be asked via email to register for the service by Friday, August 28th. 
  17. Worship will also be available through streaming to all who discern that they cannot safely worship in person. 
  18. These Requirements/Accommodations will be sent to worshipers in advance of the service and will be announced appropriately during the service.


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