by John Grinvalds, 2021

Mortals cannot abide in their pomp; they are like the animals that perish.” – Psalm 49:12

Since the dawn of our species, humans have desperately tried to escape our mortality and draw a fine line between man and beast. We’ve built sprawling cities of marble, stone, and wood where unkempt grasses and shrubs once grew, but we could not escape death. We’ve erected large statues to deify history’s heroes, but they could not escape death either. Death is that dark storm cloud looming ominously over our lives, waiting for the day it can thunder, constantly reminding us that man and beast are one. But in the darkness of that sky, a curtain is torn and a veil lifted, for Christ has come to face our storm. We need not bargain to protect our fleeting lives. We need not fear. Christ has come to redeem all of creation. Christ has come; no longer will man or beast perish.
Dear God, keep us mindful of the death we have earned for ourselves, but never let us forget the eternal life You have won for us. Amen.



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