In this month’s LC Connections: Past & Present – Meet Matt! He is the Lutheran Center’s new Music Director.

Matt Schur may be one of the best social media users, nay, commanders in the 40+ range I’ve ever encountered. He’s quick to share a great article, and he’s funny. You may not always agree with him 100%, but that’s not the point of friendship. His posts are usually worth the read. As a reluctant user of Facebook, this is saying a lot.

Who is this savvy social media connoisseur? Matt Schur, our new Music Director at the Lutheran Center. He may be new to some of us, but he is no stranger to the LC community. Matt, before working on staff with Pastor Larry Meyer, first appeared at the Lutheran Center when a bunch of his camp counselor friends attended morning worship prior to the start of the camp week. We are grateful to have him and his skillful musicianship back on the team.

Matt mostly claims Bellevue as his hometown. He grew up in a military family and moved around. But, once his family arrived in Nebraska in the early 80s, he committed to becoming a Husker fan. He admits that initially he watched the team with a fairly indifferent attitude. However, today is a different story; now he’s a self-proclaimed “Husker fanatic.”

A typical day for Matt includes his full-time work with CenterPointe where he is employed as a Care Manager. He spends his days establishing relationships with and advocating for about 15 homeless people. Advocacy seems to be a value and skill that Matt excels at as he acts as liaison between his clients and various people they encounter such as landlords and such.

And, it also clear that Matt enjoys the intersection between faith and music. Matt explains, “I’m looking forward to empowering students to find their voice, to ‘make a joyful noise,’ to experience the Holy Spirit making a difference in and through them.” And, we are excited that Matt will be working with Carol Meyer in leading our Alumni/Student Choir for our Coming Home Weekend worship service on October 1st. The addition of a staff person with an institutional memory is a real gift to the community.

Matt’s family, wife Karin, and kids, Tyler & Brianna have also joined the Lutheran Center community for worship on occasion, further diversifying our worship, which is another gift Matt brings to the community.

Bucket List items:

  • Watch a Red Sox/Yankees game at Fenway Park. (It won’t count unless the Red Sox win.)
  • Become a published writer.  


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