In this month’s LC Connections: Past & Present – Meet Morgan! She is starting her senior year at UNL this month.

This summer Morgan did a lot of travel. And, I caught up with her amid her European tour to find out more about her travels, educational pursuits, and quirky hobbies.

Often getting to know people takes time. When I first met Morgan Tranmer I concluded that she was friendly, shy, and fun. She is, in fact, friendly and fun but certainly not shy. Morgan is my “stranger” mentor. She doesn’t even know it. She probably read this, threw her head back and laughed out loud. I observe her when we host events at the Lutheran Center. I ask myself, “What would Morgan do?” At the Lutheran Center we look for students who can reach out to peers, especially new people who walk in the front door. If a student is particularly good at this talent, we hire them to be a Peer Minister. And, Morgan is one of those people.

Morgan Tranmer hails from Wilber, NE, a wonderful small town southwest of Lincoln. Stories draw her to people. She is an avid reader, but not thrillers – she doesn’t need the nightmares! And, her adventurous side has led her to spend the last six weeks traveling Europe.

But, where did this love of meeting new people and hearing stories originate? Her hometown church helped grow this in her. Morgan participated in all the standard church activities: VBS, Sunday School, choir, etc. But, the most memorable moments for her are the conversations during coffee fellowship. She spent time chatting with the ladies – listening and laughing at their stories. And, she would sit next to the retired farmers as they talked “farm talk”.

And, I suspect it was Morgan’s farm talk experience that in part led to her pursuit of a degree in Agricultural Leadership. She will graduate from UNL in May 2018, and she is excited for the variety of opportunities in front of her. While not a farm kid herself, she has grown to care deeply for the ways that food is produced and distributed in the world. Morgan is a Student Ambassador for the World Food Prize Nebraska Youth Institute. She is proud to discuss this program with anyone who will listen. Her work is to get youth excited about the program – to get people to care. And, pumping people up is a skill that Morgan possesses. She works tirelessly to invite students (and even staff) to try new activities.

There is a thread being woven in Morgan’s life. As one who has the privilege to observe her in her young adults years, it’s clear that God is doing some amazing work through her love of stories and adventure. Where it will lead next may be unclear, but one thing that is certain: Morgan can do about anything once she’s set her mind to it.

Bucket List items:

  • Be an extra in a historical movie (A la “The Crown”, or anything Jane Austen) Ball gowns for days!
  • Become fluent in a second language. If travel has taught her anything, it is that having a second language is vital.

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