Kathy, a city campus student from Omaha and Dale, an east campus student from Wausa, most likely would have never crossed paths in college if it weren’t for The Lutheran Center. It was even a miracle they met at the Center, with Kathy always sitting in the balcony with the choir while Dale was down below ushering. But finally, during their senior year, they got to know each other. As Kathy says, “I got Dale to join the choir, and the rest is history!” After four years of involvement at the Center, it was an easy decision to get married at their campus home church by Pastor Pete 47 years ago.
For them, The Lutheran Center made a large UNL school feel smaller. It was a place where they could worship and build friendships that would last the years, and they know it continues to provide a welcoming place that is open to all. They’ve stayed connected throughout the years and are excited about the new building, which they know is long overdue. “All the pastors who have served [at the Lutheran Center] over the years have been instrumental in shaping the lives of students. [The new building] will make it possible for the work of the church to continue on campus long into the future. The new building will provide an even more visible church presence in the center of the campus.”
Dale and Kathy had the pleasure of going to Germany this past spring break alongside Lutheran Center students, Pastor Adam, and our architect, Kevin Clark. They enjoyed their time getting to know the students while walking through history as they learned about Martin Luther’s story. As they say, “Interacting with these intelligent young people who demonstrated their faith reassures us that the future of The Lutheran Center is strong.”
We give thanks for Dale and Kathy and their continued partnership in ministry as we embark on this new vision for campus ministry. Their story, though uniquely their own, has themes we see even today: students finding a church home on campus, or even their lifelong spouse, at a welcoming church in the heart of campus.
If you would like to go on an international trip with The Lutheran Center, we would love for you to join us! Depending on the year, we will be going to Wings of Hope in Haiti, the Taize monastery in central France, or the northern part of Germany where Martin Luther lived and studied. Please contact Pastor Adam White if you are interested.

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