by Melissa Graue

Signs are taking over the world. 

Think of it: from activity and campaign posters to advertisements. Just even trying to count the number of signs I see in a day is overwhelming. The bright colors, flashing words, and large logos constantly distract me. And what is the point of all of this information being thrown in my face? To get me to notice them, listen to what it has to say, and draw me into following what it has to say or do. What an interference in life. 

Yet, not all of these signs are flashy; take road signs for example. Simple, yet still effective to guide you in the proper direction where you are supposed to go. Or they tell you information about where you are already at and where you need to be. 

This week during my devotional, I read further into Jeremiah 31 — in which the prophet Jeremiah stresses to Israel that God is truly there for them — until I got to verse 21: the signpost verse, talking about marking up the road and coming back to God again. This made me start to think about the signposts in my life and why God put them there. 

Back in high school, over one summer I did a mission trip to Minnesota. On that trip, the director  of the program emphasized “God Sightings,” or noticing what signposts God showed you that day. From a paint spill ironically made into the shape of a heart to just feeling the love of the people around me working on houses that day, I still look back on those bright moments of that trip, to all the God Sightings I experienced that summer, to the joy I felt then and compare it to what I feel now. 

This life gives us all tough days. Days when the frustration, despair, and weight of the world just seems more than we can bear, and we can’t remember the light. It is in these moments that we turn to God, not only in prayer, but in all the signposts God knew we would need, and not only in the moments in which they happened, but in the moments when we need to look back. 

From looking up past pictures, discussing old memories, going back to old places, or listening to a mixtape of songs reminding you of people and places of your past, everyone’s signposts are different and vital to them, reminding them of God’s presence, promise, and love that allows them to keep going through the dark. So what are your signposts that God has shown you or might be showing you now? They might be trying to draw you to where you’re meant to be. 

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