By Melissa Graue

“How are you handling this year?” I get asked this question quite often, and frankly, I’m not quite sure how to answer anymore. Feeling horrible about how it’s been going because of COVID? Pressing on okay because I like my classes? Handling it fantastic because God is still in control? 

This year has been full of ups and downs constantly, and I’m honestly not sure how I or others have handled it, especially when one day I can’t wait to start my day and the next I don’t even feel like crawling out of bed. But I’m sure all of us have felt this in one way or another, which is understandable. 

So, how do we handle this year? How have we this far? What we think of as “normal” doesn’t seem to be happening soon. And while praying for the hardships to end is so important, and reminiscing about the past can make a group of friends smile, we are still called to live in the moment. We are still called to “handle the year,” and we have a choice of how we do that. 

I’m not saying bad days will not and should not happen, but I hope you know you can find some good nonetheless. This summer, John Krasinski had a YouTube series called “Some Good News,” in which he would show clips and posts of good things happening amidst the pandemic. I would always look forward to watching the weekly episodes with friends, reminding ourselves that the light is not gone. 

So, that still leaves the question: How do we handle this year? While everyone is different in how they live life, for me at least, handling this year has always been by seeing the bright moments in small things that at times we tend to overlook. A good grade. A random act of kindness, either sent to or from you. A sunshine day. A calm walk in the fall weather. A friend reaching out. Whatever small God Sighting causes you to smile that day. 

These may seem like unimportant events, but they are still the fuel that drives my motivation and outlook on life. Every day needn’t be some big, extravagant event of hope and love and seeing, but the little things that God calls you to do or see that seem “ordinary” are enough. God is still the consistent one, providing for us when we need it, even if we don’t recognize it. 

So, give God credit. Thank God for the small moments. It might be an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to be a dark, impossible one. How are you handling this year? It’s very rough, but at least we can choose to smile and look up. 

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