Read the Bible in 90 Days

May 21 to August 19

Welcome to B90 at the Lutheran Center! We are so excited for you to be joining us on this journey from Genesis to Revelation. Our one and only goal is to read the Bible cover to cover in 90 days. This may seem like a daunting task but hopefully doing this in community with other Lutheran Center students and friends will encourage you to keep going. Each day there is an assigned reading, you are welcome to read ahead or adjust as your schedule dictates. Throughout the week, we encourage you to connect in the comments of our weekly blogs with your reflections, though this is not expected, it is a welcome connecting point to the larger community. 

All are welcome whether you’re young or old, using the KJV or a picture Bible, we want you to dive into the Word of God this summer. 

Keep an eye on this blog. Each Sunday we will post the reading schedule, some introductory videos to each book, and reflection questions if you would like to engage in the comments. 

So grab your Bible and your reading schedule, and dive in!


Q: Where do I even start?
A: At the very beginning, Genesis 1:1! Each day there is a suggested amount of scripture to read. Together we are starting at Genesis chapter 1 verse 1, the very beginning of creation and the physical book of the Bible. On day 90 we will wrap up at Revelation 22:21, the very last verse of the physical book of the Bible. These 90 days are meant to be a journey from cover to cover!

Q: 90 days feels like a lot! What if I get behind?
A: Don’t worry, there’s two built in grace days to help you catch up at the end. We encourage reading at your own pace. Read ahead if you’re really enjoying the story or if you know you won’t be able to read the next day. Only read part of the readings for the day if you get pulled away. We really want you to experience the Bible fully, while recognizing everyone has their own reading pace.

Q: Will I be doing this alone?
A: No! We have invited students and friends of the Lutheran Center to join you on this journey. We believe it is vital to our faith to dig into scriptures as a foundation for living out the Gospel as we love our neighbor. There’s people reading from all over the United States with you!

You are also invited to follow along, journal, and comment on our blog each week as a way to feel connected throughout the 90 days. We may also even do a Zoom check in every now and then to chat in real time! To stay up to date and connected, bookmark!

Q: I have a family Bible I like to use, can I read that?
A: Of course! There is no one specific Bible you have to use during the 90 days. We encourage you to open whatever Bible you already have, whether it’s a family Bible, audio Bible, or an app on your phone. 

The goal of these 90 days is to read the full Bible. It is our recommendation to avoid reading study notes for now. If you want to dig into the theology behind a particular scripture, perhaps make a note in your Bible or journal and revisit once the 90 days is done. 

Q: The Bible has a lot of confusing language and parables and names. What if that intimidates me?
A: No problem! We are focusing on reading every word of the Bible, so of course there are going to be moments of confusion and not understanding, that’s the “beauty” of the Bible. Make a note of it to ask questions or start conversations later. For now, try your hardest not to be discouraged and keep notes of where you get stuck or where you get excited!

Q: Ok, I’m in! What supplies do I need?
A: A Bible of some sort and the reading schedule are the only supplies you really truly need! Other items that you may consider to help you in your endeavor, some way to take notes and mark thoughts in your Bible, a favorite beverage to sip on while reading, a cozy spot in your favorite place, or  reading glasses if needed.

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