Storytelling is deeply engrained in all cultures across time and space.

The stories we tell are sacred
The stories we live are never-ending
The stories we hear call us to love

The Bible is a library of stories, traditionally told and heard but now read
and re-read. We are a deep part of these stories, these stories are a deep,
respected part of us. Each of us experiences scripture through our own
unique lenses. Together, we tell these stories in our own ways through this
devotion. As we journey through lent, we are reminded of our Bible roots
and the women who have carried us.

There have been millennia of storytellers carrying our faith traditions
through the telling and retelling of these sacred stories. Stories we
often don’t hear enough are that of women in the Bible. Ruth and Naomi,
the women at the tomb, the woman at the well, Phoebe and Lydia, the
magnificat, the woman with the oil, the unsung stories of the Bible we are
lifting this Lenten season.

As you journey through lent, listen, tell, and live out the stories all around
you as God has called you, Jesus has claimed you, and the Holy Spirit
moves you.

In peace,
Deacon Coco Lyons


Featured Image: Our Lady Who Removes Walls by Kelly Latimore

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