By Hannah Molskness

“Expect the unexpected” is the motto for my favorite TV show: Big Brother. While this is a really great motto to make a reality TV show entertaining, in real life, it is not so easy. For example, 2020 has been full of unexpected changes, so you would think we would have learned to cope with all the changes by now; however, it is still something that many of us, myself included, continue to struggle with.

Even the weather changes this last weekend reminded me of this. On Sunday morning, I woke up to beautiful 70-degree weather, and I was able to be outside comfortably without a jacket on. Then, in traditional Midwest fashion, the weather unexpectedly changed overnight, and on Monday I woke up to a cold rainy day. This drastic change in weather reminded me of how much life has changed this last semester and how it will change again in just a few short weeks as the semester comes to an end. 

When we came back to school in August, no one really knew what this semester would look like; the only thing we knew was that it would be different. We were all excited to meet in-person for The Lutheran Center worship but after a few weeks had to unexpectedly transition back to online. My Hives small group started on Zoom, went to in-person meetings, but unexpectedly had to go back online on occasion when someone had to quarantine. Like many people, I am not a fan of change, especially when I cannot control it. I like to plan everything in advance so I know exactly what, when, where, and how something is going to happen.

Now, in just a few weeks, many of us will be packing up to leave campus once again. How did the semester fly by so quickly? It seems almost as if someone pressed fast-forward on this semester and forgot to ever put it back to the regular speed. We do not completely know what winter break and next semester will look like. I just want to hit pause so that nothing else can change. 

It is so easy to feel apprehensive or scared amid a lot of change, worried about how it may mess up our routine, or even afraid of the unknown. If only we could hit the pause button for life and have time to prepare for what is to come, but sadly that is not possible. Instead, we have to remember that throughout any change, God always remains a constant in our lives and is always present. Isaiah 41:10 says, “Do not fear, for I am with you, do not be afraid, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.” 

In the midst of all of the change in our lives, we are each called to lean into our faith and lean on God to find rest and peace. Having faith in God does not change the time of uncertainty that we are going through, but it can change us. Our faith can allow us to know and see that God is with us, granting us peace, in the middle of every unexpected turn in our lives. God never promises that there won’t be any uncertainty or change in our lives, but God does promise that through each of those changes, God will be right next to us every step of the way. Maybe in life, we do not have to “Expect the unexpected.” We just have to expect to lean into our faith when the unexpected happens.

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