As a means to stay connected during physical distancing, people connected with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are each copying a chapter from the book of Psalms in their own handwriting as part of the Nebraska Corona Bible project ( . The result will be a “University of Nebraska-Lincoln Psalter,” a powerful testimony to hope and connection in our campus community in this time of crisis.

Our goal is to copy the whole book of Psalms, using individuals’ handwriting or calligraphy. For each of the 150 Psalms, we are looking for students, faculty, staff,  campus ministry leaders, and alumni who commit to each copy a chapter. Contributors are also welcome to add a personal commentary and illustrations or artistic interpretations to their passage. Thus, the Psalter is re-created in light of our questions and fears, but also our hope and trust as a testimony to this time of crisis.


  • You can write in any language you would like. Different languages are explicitly welcome!
  • Choose your preferred translation
  • You can copy the text from your personal Bible, or you can find it online.
  • Write on regular white copy & multipurpose paper, letter size (8 1/2” x 11”), 20-24 lb.
  • Use both sides, writing single spaced, so that the Psalter won’t become too thick.
  • Choose your favorite writing utensil. Ballpoint, gel, marker and fountain pens are all good options. Whatever you choose, make sure it doesn’t bleed through the pages.
  • Write in portrait orientation, leaving a margin of at least 1″ left and right, and 1/2” on top/bottom. Pencil in your margins (and lines) and erase them later.
  • Please write “Psalm” and your chapter large and visible at the beginning of your text (e.g. Psalm 1) . You do not need to copy the little numbers (verses). Also, please don’t copy the titles of the paragraphs, as they do not belong to the original text.
  • You are welcome to comment on the text. Please write your personal commentary at the bottom of the page.
  • You can also illustrate the written text, or use calligraphy to highlight individual letters. Please avoid colors that apply thickly on the paper.
  • Please sign your finished chapter with your name. You may also want to add your age, profession and faith community you belong to.
  • Make sure you actually mail in your finished chapter so we can bind the Bible in time!


  • Please submit the finished chapter by June 15, 2020.
  • Mail in a 9”x12” manila envelope or in an appropriate sheet protector. DO NOT FOLD OR BEND!
  • On the back of your envelope, note the biblical book and chapter.
  • Address: – please send your contribution to:

    Nebraska Corona Bible
    c/o Eastridge Presbyterian Church
    1135 Eastridge Drive
    Lincoln NE 68510

For more information on the larger Nebraska Corona Bible Project, go to

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