Worship during the pandemic has been a whole new adventure for most (if not all) worshipping communities across the globe. For The Lutheran Center community, it has been no different. What once was easy to do “on the fly” has now become carefully planned, anticipated, and practiced. 

One way the LC community continued to show our stripes was in the “live” feature of our worship services. Pastor Adam felt that all worshipping would feel a deeper sense of connection to the service and to each other, and ultimately, to God, by going live. We wanted a real participatory element to the services so each week, students would continue to be assisting ministers as they led prayers, read scripture, and offered special music. 

That meant it was a bit messy at times. Not everyone has all the glorious technology that makes sound engineering amazing. Did we hear the occasional mom or dad in the background making a smoothie or talking loudly about a gift they received? You bet we did. And, at times you could see us scrambling on the spot to determine how our audio got so wonky all of a sudden. But, we rolled with the punches and because of those imperfections, we encountered a generous God who continues to accompany us even in Covid Land. 

Sure, we all missed each other, just like any other worshipping community. We missed shaking hands, hugging, hearing each other’s voices move along with the melody, and communing together at the rail. And we continue to miss gathering as we all moved into our summer schedule and as students’ lives shifted at this time of year. 

However, something cool happened as a result of us coming together over the tiny boxes on the screen. We were forced to ask new questions, such as How will the assembly be able to see or hear this well? or What if we tried doing this in a different way so everyone can participate?  

The Holy Spirit moved among our community as we worshipped and will continue to as we gather on Wednesday evenings for Holden Evening Prayer. You see, we loved connecting in this strange way so much we are continuing our gathering during the summer. We know that God can work even among and amidst the world of screens and wires.

Connecting people to Christ, so they may discover their own calling as disciples.